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I had the great fortune to fulfill a life long dream to hunt elk
out west. I was able to take a great elk in New Mexico. After a long search for a taxidermist I spoke with Dane from Mountin' Man. Within a few minutes I knew Dane was going to mount my elk. Dane is very passionate about his work!

He made suggestions to save some money but to utilize his talents and attention to detail work. Mountin' Man is second to none! His passion and artistic skills show in his high quality work. Detailed, dedicated, professional and a man of his word would describe Dane. My elk exceeded all thoughts of the final
result. My life long dream is now preserved for a lifetime of memories.

Thank you Dane

Bob McNiel

I had the good fortune in May of 2010 to take 2 trophy bears in northern Alberta, Canada. One was a 6 foot 4 1/2 inch black bruin that turned out to be the largest bear killed in my outfitter's camp for the season and the other was a very light colored cinnamon bear. I decided to have both mounted, full-body. However, I'm from Central Florida and bears have been protected here for years. As such, I didn't know any taxidermists locally that had experience with bears. A friend of mine recommended Mountinman Taxidermy. When I returned home to Florida after the hunt, I shipped my bears, frozen, overnight guaranteed by UPS to Mountinman Taxidermy. The next morning I received a phone call from Dane telling me that he had received my bears and they were still frozen. We talked about potential delivery dates and I had planned on driving to Maryland and picking the bears up and making it part of a vacation. Because my wife is a school teacher, I suggested spring break and Dane made every effort to have them ready in March of 2011. In March of 2011, Dane called and told me my bears were ready for pickup. The black bear that was mounted in the standing position was 77 inches tall and I could not find a rental trailer taller than 6 foot to bring them home. Dane contacted U-Haul and discovered that they had the "U-Box", which is a storage unit that is 8 feet long, 7 feet tall and 5 feet wide. It's designed to help people move from one location to another. Dane made the arrangements to have the U-Box delivered to his shop where he packed my bears carefully using padding and straps and they were shipped by tractor-trailer from Maryland to Tampa, Florida. Once they arrived in Tampa they were placed on a flatbed truck with a forklift on the back and delivered to my home in Lakeland, Florida. He also purchased a padlock to insure that they were not compromised and mailed the key to my home. A week later, the bears were delivered to my driveway and were in perfect condition. Dane went out of his way to insure that my bears were not damaged.

Customer service is obviously a priority with Mountinman Taxidermy. When I took my trophy bears I told my experienced outfitter that I was going to have them mounted full-body. However, he skinned them to be done as rugs. Unbeknownst to me this created a massive amount of stitching to have them mounted full-body. I defy you to find any of the stitching in either bear, they turned out perfect. Furthermore, while vacationing in Alaska this past summer, I saw a polar bear mounted in the standing position and I really loved the way his front paws were mounted. I photographed the bear and sent it to Dane and he found a similar mount in order to do my large black bear. He is quite intimidating.

I can't tell y ou how much I appreciate the fact that Dane went out of his way to insure that my trophies turned out exactly as I had hoped. Both bears are now in my home and I couldn't be happier with the final products.

If you want a taxidermist that will truly work with you to insure that you receive a quality product, I strongly recommend Mountinman Taxidermy. I know I will no doubt use Mountinman again in the future.

Thanks again, Dane.


Mike Hunter
Lakeland, Florida
Over the past few years, my family and I have had the opportunity to bring numerous animals to Dane at Mountin Man Taxidermy. We have brought him everything from whitetail and turkey to mule deer and bear. The quality of his work and the quality of his materials make his work second to none. All of his mounts are realistic and the detail he puts into his work shows how devoted he is to his work and his customers. Anyone looking for a taxidermist, I would highly recommend Dane Gaulding at Mountin Man Taxidermy.

Michael Stevens
Libertytown, MD


I can not thank you enough for the wonderful work that you did for me on all of my mounts, especially my full bear mount. Not only did I fulfill a life long dream of mine by shooting the bear, but I am reminded every day of the wonderful memories that I had on my hunt every time I pass by the trophy that you mounted for me. Your desire to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction is with out a doubt second to none. I could not have envisioned a better job than the one that you did. Your high attention to detail and craftsmanship is truly what sets your beautiful work apart from the others.

I would recommend Mountin' Man Taxidermy to anyone looking for a professional job at a great price. I look forward to working with you in the future and again can not express my satisfaction enough.

Thanks again,

Brad Stevens
Frederick, MD

I was fortunate enough to be able to take a hunt for grizzly bear in Alaska this year. I harvested a beautiful Boone & Crockett grizzly along with a caribou in velvet.

I took my animals to Mountin’ Man Taxidermy because I know that customer satisfaction is the top priority. Dane has done outstanding work for me in the past and I knew that I could trust my animals with him. I knew his artistic ability and attention to detail would reproduce an amazing animal. Dane’s imagination to create what you want and work with you every step of the way are just two reasons why it was an easy choice to take my animals to him.

I wanted to create my own wooden base to accompany these animals. Dane was very helpful to me by coming to my facility to transport the base back to his business. He also worked with folks in Alaska regarding matters related to my hide and took the time to find habitat that would most closely match the original. In addition, he did a lot of custom work at no extra cost. He did an incredible job recreating the real hunt habitat – including a water feature, dirt, rocks, and plant life.

An open mouth grizzly towering over a velvet caribou in a natural setting is what I wanted and Dane delivered. True detail and imagination went into this piece and I am very pleased. Great prices, good turn around and fantastic custom work – thanks again Dane.

Scott Ford

Cornerstone Advisors

Dear Dane,

Thank you so much for the excellent work you have done on my trophies these past two years. Having the opportunity to experience the memories of these hunts through the fine work you do is a daily pleasure.

Your professionalism and attention to detail are outstanding. The minute issues that affect the realism of a mount are important to you and your attention to detail show in each work you have done for me. I also sincerely appreciate your professionalism in communicating with me if you have any questions, and your thoughtfulness as we planned each mounting style.

Most hunters seem to enjoy the full spectrum of sensations one can feel with each hunt; who you are with, what you see, the weather
and, of course, the trophy animal itself all become an integral part of the experience. Your artistic ability plays such an
important role in making that memory sweeter and longer, and each of your customers is a better hunter because of it.

It's a pleasure working with you,

John Love

Hillsboro, VA


In September of 2007 I shot a piebald button buck. I knew I wanted a life size mount of him but I had no room to put him in the freezer. So I put him in a Rubbermaid container with ice over night. The next morning I called Dane (because I had heard so much about him and how well his workmanship was) and told him how I had him and he immediately told me I needed to get him out of that ice QUICKLY! Dane was so nice that he stopped what he was doing, drove down to my house and helped me get him out of that ice and to make sure the hair was not pulling out! He then helped me put him in my truck and off we went to the Mountin' Man's office. He went right to work on my deer so it wouldn't get ruined. We kept in touch and before I knew it he was calling me to let me know in 2 weeks my deer would be done! I was amazed, I didn't think that it would be ready for months! Two weeks later I went to pick it up and I loved it he looked so real he was flawless! I was so happy with my deer!

I was so shocked on how Dane took the time to help me since I had never been a customer of his. I thought that was only special treatment people got from being lifelong customers. Not with Dane, everyone is treated like they are his lifelong customers. Once you meet Dane and see his work you will never want anyone else to touch your trophy again! Dane is a wonderful man and his work is incredible, he takes pride in his work and you can see that! I would recommend the Mountin' Man for any trophy you want mounted! Thanks for everything Dane!

Crystal Eagle
Knoxville, MD


Over the years, I’ve had a number of both good and bad taxidermy experiences and am very particular about quality and selecting a taxidermist. In December 2005 I was able to harvest two mature coyotes that were chasing white tail fawns on a property I hunt in Northern Virginia. Since I already had a really well done coyote mount, I struggled with whether or not to mount either of the harvests.

After researching area taxidermists, seeing Dane’s work and talking with him, I decided to mount the larger of the two and have the hyde of the second tanned for my oldest daughter. The work that Dane did on both animals was outstanding. Dane called me at several points in the process to confirm decisions and share his thoughts on how to best present the mounted animal. His attention to the smallest detail and desire to please his customers are obvious and result in an outstanding final product and a great overall experience. In addition, Dane beat his estimated time frame for delivery by 3 months. My entire family is very happy with the mounted coyote which is prominently displayed in our home. My daughter is particularly proud of her coyote hyde and keeps it in a place of honor in her room. Dane, thanks very much and God willing, we will certainly return in the future.

Steve Barry

Ashburn, VA


The best! That’s what I think every time I pass one of Mountin' Man Taxidermy's pieces of work. Five years ago was the first time that I met Dane. I had harvested a nice 8 pt. And wanted to get it mounted but had no freezer space. Dane was kind enough to allow me to bring in my deer to him after hours so that I wouldn’t lose it. 6 months later it was hanging on my wall, and it was by far the best taxidermy work that I have ever came across, I was also surprised at the quick turn around time.

Since then I have taken several more trophies to Dane, including a life size piebald buck. All of the trophies that Dane has done for me still look the same as they did as the day I brought them home. I have also taken older mounts of mine, from a “previous taxidermist” that was falling apart. Dane was able to repair these mounts and make them as if they were alive again.

I highly recommend Mountin' Man Taxidermy to anyone that has a trophy of a lifetime and wants to preserve it for many years to come. This man takes great pride in his work and pays close attention to every little detail, and mounts every trophy like it is his own.

Good Hunting!

Dougie Reel
Sharpsburg, MD

I shot a piebald last November and took it to someone to process. I called Mountin' Man Taxidermy at 8:00 PM on a Friday night. I was surprised that Dane, having never met me before and knowing how critical it is to cape the short haired piebald correctly came out to the butchers house and caped the piebald himself. Then, even more to my amazement, he took the cape home with him and worked on it that night to make sure that the mount would be perfect for me.

The next experience I had with Mountin' Man Taxidermy was more of the same. I shot a 6 point buck in full velvet. Dane, I know worked really hard on that buck to make sure all the velvet stayed perfect.

Dane takes so much pride in his work and will do everything in his power to make sure your mount is life-like and exactly what you want. The quality of workmanship and the attention to detail makes each mount that Mountin' Man Taxidermy has done for me outstanding.

I would recommend - and have recommended him to anyone looking for a taxidermist that does top quality work at a reasonable rate.

Thank you Dane for a wonderful experience.

Robbie DeLauder


I have had three deer done at Mountin' Man Taxidermy. Dane's work is great. He takes pride in his work to make my mounts look perfect. He goes above and beyond to make his customers happy. I highly recommend Mountin' Man Taxidermy for a great job at affordable prices. Choose Dane!

Roy Tarmon
Sharpsburg, MD



May of 2005, I was fortunate enough to harvest my first black bear. After looking at a few taxidermists work on bear, I wasn't completely satisfied. My friend showed me a beautiful 3/4 black bear mount Dane had done for him. Five minutes after meeting Dane, I knew he was truly a professional. Thank you, Dane, for a beautiful job. You are not only an excellent taxidermist, but also an artist. The attention to detail is what sets you apart.

Fast, friendly, and reasonable. You wont be disappointed.

Jeff Mowen,
Falling Waters, WV



To our brother/brother-in-law, the "Mountin Man" of the
outdoors who captures your memories so you can enjoy
the rest of your life! Our living room wall displaying our
trophies (as you see in the picture) were all mounted
by Dane! We are proud and fortunate to have taken such
great animals and even more proud to have someone with
an extra special talent to mount them with such detail. The
pride in his work is shown through the realistic look of
each animal which is a perfection you can trust when
dropping off your favorite game to Mountin' Man Taxidermy.

We love you and thanks for a GREAT job!

Steve and Robin Eyer

Mont Alto, PA
Let me start out by telling you that I'm the hardest person on earth to please. I can always find a flaw in my work or in another's. I have had other deer mounts done by other taxidermists have been very upset with their work.

When I shot my buck, I was unable to use the original cape. I was very concerned about finding a cape that would be suitable to replace the original cape. After two years of talking with many taxidermists, and seeing their work, I felt that Dane was the best person for the job and the only one who could meet my standards. Not only did Dane find me a exceptional cape, he surpassed my expectations.

I'm extremely happy with Dane's work, you could look for hours and never find a flaw. My buck mount is the most realistic, life-like mount I have ever seen. I will never think about anyone else but Dane to mount any of my animals. I recommend anyone who expects top quality workmanship to choose Mountin' Man taxidermy.

Rob Mercer
Brunswick, MD


In November 2005 I was able to get my biggest buck to date with my muzzleloader in Virginia. Dane did an excellent job of ensuring that I would have the nicest mount to view in my home for years to come. Dane is very friendly and professional, and takes pride in his work. He was able to provide my mount in a timely manner and still provide excellent craftsmanship. I am looking forward to working with Dane in the future.

E. Loren Norris
Boonsboro, MD

Dane did a wonderful job mounting a recent Texas Rio gobbler kill. He was professional and very friendly, made me feel like we were old friends. I have other mounts at my home that I'm very proud of, but, because of Mountin' Man and his craftmanship, I have a longbeard on my wall to admire and help rekindle many good memories of my first but not last Texas hunt. I have found my taxidermy man and a new friend also. See you in the spring Dane.

George Holder
Keedysville, MD

Randy Woods here to tell you that Dane did an excellent job mounting the first bear that I got in New Brunswick, Canada. He took pride and went into great detail on my half-lifesize mount. The estimated time for getting it back was 11 months, but I got it back in just 7 months. I am very pleased with his level of service and will have him do future mounts for me.

Dickerson, MD
In the past 3 years I've had 5 mounts done by Dane. These include a strutting turkey, flying turkey, a fox and 2 shoulder mounted deer. The attention to detail that Dane has is incredible with the mounts turning out better than I could expect. Dane works with me on all aspects of the mount asking questions, which I never think could be incorporated into
the mount, that help him create the art that adorns my walls.

Reasonable rates with fast and friendly services. He's the only(!) one I will trust with my mounts.

Rik Lee
Keedysville, MD
I am an avid outdoorsman who takes pride in the life like appearance of all my mounts. I have had many trophies mounted, deer, turkey, bear, and fish by several taxidermist some of which I was very disappointed. After going to the Mountain Man Taxidermy and seeing the quality and craftsmanship of his work, there is no comparison to the others. It is by far superior than any I have seen and would not trust anyone else with my once in a life time trophies again.

Bill Roberts
Fairfield, PA


Thank you, what a job! You are a very professional person in all respects. In only the short time I have known you, you seem like a friend of many years. You helped me chose the mount to display in my trophy room, it was a perfect fit. I have other mounts (elk, whitetail, and mule deer) and have had dealings with other taxidermists. While they were not all bad, I've learned that not all are good either. I highly recommend Mountin' Man Taxidermy as a great taxidermist and a person who cares. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

With sincere gratitude,
John Thornton

I have had Dane do 2 bucks for me, and have 2 more with him right now. He also has a fish that he is doing for me as well. There is nobody else that I would trust with my trophies. I have had a few other taxidermists do work for me and there is an overwhelming difference in quality of work. It is as though Dane is doing his own trophy, the amount of detail he puts into each mount. I believe a lot of the attention to detail comes from the love of fishing and hunting Dane himself has.

Josh Nelson
Jefferson, Maryland

My family and I love to show our friends the bear and deer Dane has mounted. After looking up close at the definition Dane puts into his mounts, they want his name and number. Big or small he takes pride in his taxidermy. The added bonus is his fast turn-around, great prices and quality that goes with a world class job. We, as hunters, spend countless hours trying to take that next trophy. So do yourself and the animal a favor and call the Mountin' Man. It will be one of the best hunting tips you will ever get!

Satisfied customer and friend
Craig Householder

Williamsport, MD

Great job on all 3 of my deer mounts. The detail and workmen ship are the best I have seen. Everyone asks were I got them done and I tell them the "Mountin Man", and I will use no one else!! Thanks for the wonderful trophies.

George Wathen
Poolesville, MD
I am like a lot of other hunters - we try and spend as much time in the outdoors as possible. Not everyone has the opportunity to harvest 180 class whitetails and 500 pound black bears. The biggest buck I've taken to date is a 135 class whitetail I had the opportunity to harvest on a hunt, not knowing at the time it would be the last with a truly great friend and sportsman. The memory of this hunt I want to last forever.

I chose Dane at Mountin Man Taxidermy to mount the buck for me. This was one of the best decisions I ever made. Not only did the mount turn out to exceptional, way above the quality and attention to detail that I had ever seen - but I got a great friend in return. The memory of that hunt lives on every time I look at the mount. If you are lucky enough to know what hunting is all about, let Dane preserve the memories for you.

Thanks for this opportunity Dane,
Jerry Dayhoff
Hagerstown, MD
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